Edenton Police Department

                             Housebreaking Information

Daytime house break-ins.

Suspects are ringing doorbells or knocking to see if anyone will answer the door. If no one answers the door, the suspect will breach the front or back door. If someone does open the door, the suspect will make up a story saying their vehicle has broken down, they lost their dog, they’re looking for work, etc. We would like to remind you to never open your door for someone that you do not know. It is suggested to acknowledge the person’s presence at the door by saying, “go away,” “I’m calling the police,” etc. When you look outside to identify the subject at the door, get a good description: height, weight, age, clothing description, mode of travel (on foot or in a vehicle). Be as specific as possible, did the jacket have a different color liner, was there fur around the hood? Please report these incidents to the police as soon as possible.


Crime Prevention Tips

  • Most Important – Lock your doors and windows at all times (both your home and vehicle).
  •  Complete a home inventory of your property
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number
    • OAN (Owner Applied Number) usually your NCDL # but NEVER your SS#
    • Personal Identifiers (Scratch on top of TV, paint splatter, etc.)
    • Take pictures of your property.
    • Photograph jewelry (make a specific description of the items).
    • Personal messages engraved in rings or pendants.
    • Photograph old coins and document their value.
  • If you have a safe, remember to lock it. Also, bolt it to the wall or floor. If you can move it, so can they.
  • Secure your out buildings. Document serial numbers for your lawn equipment as well as your tools. Remember to lock the door.
  • Cut off bushes at about 3 feet and tree limbs at about 6 feet from the ground.
  • Maintain a lived-in appearance while away from home.
    • Use timers for lights and radios
    • Have a trusted neighbor collect the mail and newspaper, or suspend those services while away.
  • Display alarm decals and signs.
  • Close blinds and windows. By leaving them open you are allowing the criminal to window shop.
  • Take part in Neighborhood Watch – attend meetings and take an active role.
  • The police can’t be on every street corner every second of the day. You are our best eyes and ears, and we need your help to catch those responsible.
  • Change your daily patterns. Criminals look for the easiest opportunity given to them.
  • Home Repairs – Don’t let any one you don't know in your home to complete repair work. Use trusted and reputable companies. They may not take anything, but they may tell their friends about the nice things you have.