Edenton Police Department

                                      Robbery Prevention

Armed robbery occurs when a person produces some form of weapon, or you believe the person has a weapon, and they demand something of value from you.

  • Are you being robbed or being attacked? Try to determine the intent.
  • If you are being robbed, don't resist; give the attacker what they are asking for.
  • Don't carry anything that you aren't willing to lose.
  • If you are being attacked, do they have a weapon? Does the attacker want to harm you or to take some personal items from you?
  • Your ultimate goal when being attacked or robbed is survival.
  • When the attack or robbery is over, go to a safe area and report the crime. Call the police immediately. Preserve any evidence.
When shopping
  • Take a buddy; go in a group.
  • Park in a well-lit area that has high visibility.
  • Carry your pocketbook close to your body to assure security.
  • Don't put your credit cards, ID, money, in your pocketbook.
  • Know what is around you; be alert of the surroundings.
  • At an ATM machine, look around at the trees, at the shrubbery; go during the day, not at night. (see ATM Safety)
  • Don't carry any more cash than you are willing to lose.
Other tips
  • Don't give out personal information out over the phone unless you initiated the phone call.
  • Use just initials in your phone book listing.
  • Use caller ID to screen your phone calls.
  • If you experience harassing phone calls, call the phone company.
  • If you experience threatening phone calls, use *69 to get the number and then contact the police.
  • Take advantage of Operation ID to engrave identifying numbers on your valuables (tv, vcr, or anything that could be stolen).
  • Always be aware of surroundings; use common sense.
  • Don't leave valuable property visible in your parked car.
  • Lock your doors and windows at your home.

If you see suspicious characters, or if something seems wrong to you, please call the police department right away to report it. We will come out and investigate.